From a trunk in an old house in Rockport, Massachusetts emerges the yellowed pages of a journal and a clutch of letters. Marianne Parsons, a young mother and the wife of a sea captain, made her first entry in that journal on a spring evening in 1855. Her recorded days revolved easily around her husband, James, and their little son, Henry. She lived an exemplary life, did good works in the village, was dutiful to the demands of an affluent, well-mannered upbringing. All this would come to an end.

"Lyrical and flowing in soft waves like the very ocean the narrator watches, Under the Linden Tree gently weaves a tale of a young woman’s encounter with herself in a tender, romantic, and hopeful story. Cassandra Krivy Hirsch uses the journal of her narrator, Marianne Parsons, to allow the reader into one woman's most intimate thoughts and worries, putting us directly in Marianne's world."
         ~  Beth Goldner,
              author of The Number We End Up With and Wake: Stories

"Cassandra Krivy Hirsch carries off the challenge of writing an epistolary novel whose narrative is engaging and whose characters draw you into the quiet drama of their lives. Hirsch's delicate sensibility, expressed in crystalline prose, makes the distant world of mid-19th century Rockport, Massachusetts seem both familiar and deeply evocative. A beautiful novel."
        ~  Paula Marantz Cohen,
             author of Jane Austen in Boca and What Alice Knew

Under the Linden Tree is the story of a vanished time and a vanished sensibility. Marianne Parsons finds herself faced with a decision she never wanted to make. Now she must struggle against the propriety that once held her in a comfortable embrace. Now she must ask herself questions that her family – and her own past – have not equipped her to answer.

"An absorbing story of loss and love, Cassandra Kirvy Hirsh's portrayal of life in a 19th-century New England fishing village is so beautifully drawn one expects to look up from the page and see the ocean."
        ~  Gina Buonaguro and Janice Kirk,
            authors of The Sidewalk Artist and Ciao Bella

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